July 27th, 2007

me with graffiti

Katastrophe and Michelle Tea

me, michelle tea and rocco/katastrophe

yay. i had a good time. michelle tea read about a place where she used to live in san francisco. katastrophe did about 4 or 5 songs plus one with nicky click, a cool musician/dancer from new hampster. i had a good time. oh yeah, also there was QUEERIOKE afterwards and my friend Machete sang Welcome to the Jungle. I did the Humpty Hump again cuz i'm comfortable with it. i think i did good. people said i did. i also ran into this kid Eli who came to a party at my apartment a few years ago after i met him on the T (subway). that was cool. i didnt recognize him since he has started T (testosterone), but he knew who i was, so he came up to me. neato. it was fun to be amoung so many ftms and lesbians and drag kings.

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