July 13th, 2007

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Hot Celebrity Meme

top 10 most attractive stars meme. i was tagged by opheliascreams

[01] - List your top 10 celebrity crushes!
[02] - Put all of them IN ORDER of your lust for them.
[03] - Say which movie/show it was that hooked you.
[04] - Supply photos for said stars!
[05] - Tag five people!

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Monk and Psych

these are not Spoilers. i do not tell you in these reviews "who did it", so they are safe to read for fans who havent watched yet.

MONK (a show about a brilliant detective with OCD)

Sarah Silverman, who i normally dislike, was an awesome guest star as Mr. Monk's biggest fan in this season's opening epesode. She played an obsessive fan who's dead dog was being accused of a crime, and she needed Mr. Monk's help on the case. At one point she claimed to write fan fiction about Monk, not to mention the many other artistic expressions of her fandom. It was cleverly written and i highly enjoyed it.

PSYCH (a show about 2 brilliant detectives who aren't technically detectives by title, and pretend to be psychics)

Tim Curry guest stars in the season 2 opener of Psych,  where he plays a judge for an American Idol knockoff show. (i think it was called "Duets") Tim Curry is of course the Simon Cowell of the show, and he hires the psychics to help keep him safe from whoever is trying to kill him.
Last season, i thought Psych was a good idea of a show, but something about it was kind of dull. Judging by the first epesode of season two, they've tightened up their jokes and caught their niche.
In the end, when the killer is "unmasked", Tim Curry laughs in his face and in a snotty Brit way says "You've got to be the worst murderer i've ever seen"