June 18th, 2007



i wish i could make good food magically appear, already cooked right in front of me with the snap of a finger whenever i wanted.

well, wish in one hand, shit in the other. see which pans out first, as they say.

say you, say me, Say are you kidding, this is really Fergie of Black Eyed Peas?

i've watched this video about 10 times. it makes me feel cozy.
dj cliche toon

Voice Post:

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“I said once before, but now I gotta to say it twice. I used to be nice but I got walked over like ice over a lake & I made the mistake to let it happen again cos I try to believe in the good of man but humankind wants to be winners & they are mostly sinners, the nice guy always loses. We get used and live with bruises so I'm no longer nice, my heart has turned to ice & I'll give you lice if you come near me, are you there, can you hear me? cos next time I have to repeat it I'm gonna beat it into your brain & I'll drive you insane till you can't walk, talk or think. Just sitting there lame, wishing you never came near me, do you hear me? do you hear me?”

Transcribed by: djcliche
me with graffiti

music from the year i turned 18

inspired by a meme that i got from Sahm

So, here I go. Ten songs from 1996, with videos curtosy of youtube.

Starting off with Tha Crossroads by Bone Thugs N Harmony cuz this was the year Biggy and Tupac died. At that point in my life i was not really into rap and all i knew about Biggy and Tupac was what i heard on MTV, that they were killers and rapists and that they were proud of that. In the almost 11 years that have passed since i turned 18, i have become a HUGE fan of Tupac, and i do like some Biggy stuff, but Tupac was a prophet. And i no longer believe the hype that i once took as truth from the media.

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