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How do you best enjoy a bagel?

My top 3

1. Sesame Bagel, untoasted if fresh, toasted if not, with Veggi Cream Cheese. And my favorite place to have this is Bagels Plus in Acton, Ma. There used to be a place in Brookline Ma, that was even better, but they closed almost 15 years ago.

2. Sesame Bagel with hummus, smoked turkey, avacado, red onion, tomato and lettuce/or sprouts.

3. At Finagle a Bagel, they have a grilled cheese and tomato melt that i like, also on a sesame bagel.

The only time i don't get a sesame bagel is a. if they don't have one, or b. i am getting a sweet bagel with strawberry cream cheese. That is very rare, but i've had them a few times.
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