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music from the year i turned 18

inspired by a meme that i got from Sahm

So, here I go. Ten songs from 1996, with videos curtosy of youtube.

Starting off with Tha Crossroads by Bone Thugs N Harmony cuz this was the year Biggy and Tupac died. At that point in my life i was not really into rap and all i knew about Biggy and Tupac was what i heard on MTV, that they were killers and rapists and that they were proud of that. In the almost 11 years that have passed since i turned 18, i have become a HUGE fan of Tupac, and i do like some Biggy stuff, but Tupac was a prophet. And i no longer believe the hype that i once took as truth from the media.

and the rest...
i was gonna put One of Us by Joan Osborne. It is a great song, but unfortunately had "one hit wonder" written all over it, even though the album that song is from (Relish) is a brilliant album, start to finish. so instead i'm putting her song St. Theresa
its one of my favorites from Relish. but so is Crazy Baby, Spiderweb and her cover of Bob Dylan's Man in the Long Black Coat.
I saw Joan Osborne in 1996 at The Orphium in Boston with the 60 year old woman who drove me to and from school every day that year. (my bus driver)

St. Teresa

Flood by Jars of Clay
(Jars of Clay is a Christian rock band, which isn't usually my thing, but this song, and album for that matter, is really good)

i wasn't a Sublime fan yet. i was kind of depressed and anti everything in 1996. i had just gained 100 pounds in a year and a half from my meds and getting sober, and just was a miserable heap of ugliness. but eventually i grew to like Sublime quite a bit
What i Got- Sublime

i wasn't really that into No Doubt, but i did like this song. its just a fun song.
Just a Girl by No Doubt (the ska band where we got Gwen Stefani from)

Missing by Everything But the Girl. i really love EBTG. they have worked in folk, techno and hip hop and have been around a long time. They do a cool cover of Alison by Elvis Costello and this song always reminds me of Beacon High School lesbians. (: and my mom, cuz i got my mom really into them that year. I remember going to Florida in 1997 with my family and listening to this album down there. And believe it or not, they are a big part of what got me into alternative hip hop due to a compelation they put out with the Back To Mine series.

this isn't the same exact version i knew, but this is Geggy Tah Whoever You Are
weird ass video too. the version i know reminds me of sitting in my first car, Macavity, a red 2 door ford escort in the drivethrough line at a dunkin donuts in woburn waiting to order mountain dew which i was addicted to that year.

Stupid Girl by Garbage. i saw Garbage in concert for this album. They opened for Smashing Pumpkins in Boston at the then brand new Fleet Center.

California Love by Tupac featuring Dr Dre'
this song is good but not my favorite Tupac song.

and lastly but not leastly in 1996 i don't think i ever even really listened to this whole song cuz i downloaded it recently and was blown AWAY! i had NO IDEA this song was so tight.
No Diggity by Blackstreet featuring Dr Dre (i guess Dre was a whore that year)

Plus, the video for Ganstas Paradise by Coolio cuz i accidently thought i turned 18 in 1995 and i love this song. i know not much ever became of coolio. he was big that year with his songs on the soundtracks Dangerous Minds (which i saw 3 times in the theatre cuz 1. i was still in high school and i went to a sped school that was similar to the classroom that michelle phiffer's character taught in, and plus, she looked soooooo hot in that movie.... mmm. i own a copy of that movie. i still love it. I heard it when i was driving around at 4am last nite/this morning and had it blasting in my car. They show "Luanne" in the video. mmmm.
Gangstas Paradise- Coolio

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