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My List of Top 5 Hottest Female AND Male Celebreties

pictures included

Number 1 From the Female List..... Lisa Bonet!

and i know it's cliche, but hey, that's what i do...
Number 1 from the Male List... Johnny Depp

number 2 on the Female List... Ani Difranco (who is pretty much a tie for #1)

number 2 on the Male List is.... Lil Wayne

number 3 on the Female List is... Rosario Dawson

number 3 on the Male List is... Ryan Phillipe

Number 4 on the Female List is.... Jenny Shimizu

Number 4 on the Male List is... Kurt Cobain

Number 5 on the Female List is... Emily Deschanel (aka BONES)

also, i have to include one more Female i forgot... Eliza Dushka

and finally,
Number 5 on the Male List is... FTM Rapper, Katastrophe

YAY. That was fun. I posted my female list on facebook, but not my male list, as i'm not really out as bi on facebook. It's complicated, but it's family and old friends on there and i just don't feel like coming out AGAIN... plus, i'm really hoping to meet and fall in love with a woman. I don't really like to have sex with men.
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