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An Explicit Review for Fun on 4/20

I don't watch a lot of porn. Most of it, even the regular kind, grosses me out. I'm not against it in any way, i just don't enjoy it. So why in the world i watched these 2 videos i'm about to tell you about it beyond me.

The first one i watched was called 1 Guy 1 Cup. I will give you a description of what i saw.

A man with a penis that looks like a pig's ear, is squatting over a glass cup... kind of like a pint cup. He sits on the glass and it slowly goes up his asshole. When he reaches the bottom of the cup, it pops in his ass and breaks. The remainder of the video, you watch the man, still squatting, pick glass out of his anus. You hear the glass in his ass and you see him bleed, a lot.

The second one i watched was called 2 Chicks, 1 Cup. Why i was willing to do this after being disgusted by the first video is just an interesting lesson on human behavior altogether. This is what i saw...

Two pretty girls are kissing eachother on the boobs. One girl takes out a glass cup, holds it to the other girl's ass, and she shits in it. Then they feed the shit to each other. I did not actually see this entire video, so i don't know how it ends. I'm pretty sure i don't need to know.

How i ended up seeing these videos, was that i saw a youtube video REACTION to the 1 Guy 1 Cup video. I will put it here for you to view. You don't actually see the porn, but in this video,
Lil Duvall offers his friend $1000 to watch the entire video without looking away. You get to see his reaction to the video, and it's pretty funny. Of course, after i watched it, i had to know what they were watching. My curiosity got the best of me, and the porn videos are far too easy to find on Google.

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