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Katastrophe and Michelle Tea

me, michelle tea and rocco/katastrophe

yay. i had a good time. michelle tea read about a place where she used to live in san francisco. katastrophe did about 4 or 5 songs plus one with nicky click, a cool musician/dancer from new hampster. i had a good time. oh yeah, also there was QUEERIOKE afterwards and my friend Machete sang Welcome to the Jungle. I did the Humpty Hump again cuz i'm comfortable with it. i think i did good. people said i did. i also ran into this kid Eli who came to a party at my apartment a few years ago after i met him on the T (subway). that was cool. i didnt recognize him since he has started T (testosterone), but he knew who i was, so he came up to me. neato. it was fun to be amoung so many ftms and lesbians and drag kings.

michelle tea reading... me earlier in the day

the truth serum organizer taking a picture   and machete singing welcome to the jungle

machete and michelle tea

michelle tea singing rock n roll suicide

the girl singing was an actor in one or both of the short films they showed at the midway tonight. and machete outside

machete dancing funny and the giz trying to keep cool on this hot hot day
Tags: boston, clubs, ftm, fun, gizmo, katastrophe, lesbians, machete, michelle tea, night life, photos

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