djcliche (djcliche) wrote,


it is 5:30 in the morning and i am back on the computer. i originally went to bed at 10 pm, then laid there til 12:30am. i didn't sleep so i got up and talked to an old friend online til about 2:30am. i tried to go back to sleep but no luck. here i am again. it looks like it isn't gonna happen tonight. this sucks, because i am supposed to go to my program today. i am either going to go in at 9:30am and stay til noonish or i'm going to fall asleep at 9:30am and sleep til 4 and miss the program all together. either way, i'll probably miss motivational anger, DBT skills and my writing class.
i'm so incredibly tired. i dunno why i can't fall asleep. i took my night meds and everything. i wonder if something big is happening in the world and that is somehow why i cant sleep. a few of my friends seemed to have a sleepless night last night too.

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