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bare balance bars

yesterday in harvard square while i was sitting in the pit reading a magazine, 4 different girls came up to me offering a free balemce bare bar. one of them gave me two. i ended up with 5. i was sort of like "great, what am i gonna do with 5 nutrition bars?" i figured they would be gross. i even saw a couple homeless people turn down the offer. i mean, nutrition bars have a tendancy to taste like crunch horse shit.
anyway, i had one last night and another today. they were both really really good. one was chocolate, one penut butter... and it wasn't just good in that "its not so bad that i can't eat it" way, i really liked it.
of course, in order to make it taste good, it must have a ton of chemicals and stuff that is not so good for you, but i doubt its any worse than a candy bar.
oh, a guy in the pit came up to me and asked me if i was looking for "trees". USUALLY, that IS why you will find me in the pit lurking, but not yesterday... not to mention that i am pretty sure the guy was a narc. he was too clean cut to be dealing weed in harvard square. he had tattoos and was wearing baggy rapper clothes, but he was a fake. he had one pant leg rolled up for starters. most dealers dont do that anymore. second, there were cops in the pit from time to time and he kept making eye contact with them. his eyes said "i am bored. no one is buying drugs from me. maybe we should try somewhere else"

can eyes say that much? yes they can. for some people with ptsd like myself, eyes are an answer key.
i didnt have any money anyway. but even if i did, even if i had been there 2 hours looking for a dealer i would not have gone to him.

my mom told me she was proud of me for quitting drinking and smoking. i told her it might not be forever, and she understands that, but is glad i'm giving it up for now. i'm glad she is proud of me.
i stink. i took 2 showers yesterday, none today. today i sweated all day. its friggin hot.
i bought the Giz 2 play mice at the grocery store today. she was in heaven. she's asleep now right next to me. she must be exhausted chasing those fake mice all day in this heat. last night after i got in bed, she decided to lie on top of my back (i sleep on my chest). she laid on my back for a while. it was totally cute.
i guess now i will try to rest. i gotta be to see my therapist in less than 12 hours


Jul. 26th, 2007 01:14 pm (UTC)
I wouldn't know how to buy pot, I don't hang anywhere where anyones ever asked me. It's kinda annoying because I do enjoy it, and I would like to do it now and then with close friends. But where the hell do you buy it?!
Jul. 26th, 2007 05:02 pm (UTC)
yeah, its weird. most people i know just know people who either deal or who know someone else who deals, but i really dont know a lot of people.
i forget why i started going to the pit in harvard square to buy weed. i must have seen a friend do it in high school. but yeah, its tricky. you have to have an eye open for who's dealing and then its really risky cuz 1. they could be a cop and 2. you gotta go walk with the person to a randomx area where you hand them the money, they hand you the weed and you walk off. they could be giving you shit for all you know, cuz its not like getting it in private where you can look at it and examine it. when you buy weed on the street you almost always get a bad deal.
the only person i really trust in harvard square is this blind hippy who has really good connections. he gives the full amount, which is awesome, and he only asks for a bud for himself and his girl. he's awesome. for $20 i can get from him what most people give for $60.

but yeah, i really dont like scoring weed in public. its a lot better to just know someone.
Jul. 26th, 2007 05:09 pm (UTC)
so many people smoke weed that it is easy to find.
i will say this.
buy from someone who sells to smoke, not for money; people who sell for cash can be shady (especialy if they are asses who like to take advantage of people they don't know.)
when i am mexico and i want weed i ask a cab driver or an 'older' vendedor, i dont think i would do that in the states. as a weed smoker who often has weed, i will ask people directly if they smoke reefer. but observe them breifly first. more people smoke weed than you think (or maybe less than I think, but then i think everyone SHOULD so maybe i am jaded)
a good weed hookup is a very very good thing to have.
i wish you luck.

Jul. 27th, 2007 04:48 am (UTC)
i agree. thats why i liked the blind kid so much. he just wanted to smoke. i've gotten caught up with too many money dealers. shady indeed. usually they are supporting another drug habit like crack or heroin. that can be really dangerous.


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