djcliche (djcliche) wrote,

Daily Show and Family Fued

The other night i was watching The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. His guest was NBC Newsman Brian Williams. I watch Brian Williams news almost every day, but after seeing him on The Daily Show i have trouble taking him seriously. He called Jon Stewart Babe or Baby twice during the interview. It's one thing when Randy Jackson does it on American Idol, but to see a serious newsman do it to Jon Stewart was just plain weird.

Also, last week i was watching Family Fued and a guy from one of the families proposed to his girlfriend in the audience at the beginning of the show. He was kind of annoying about it and she snapped at him during the proposal, then that family went on to lose the game. It made me feel bad that their engagement got off to such a crappy start. Oh well. Good luck to them anyway.

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