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Everybody Jump

words to live by
to give by
to sit and spin by
we cry why
why have you left us with this?
it feels like a dis
i miss
the days when life was good
in and out of the hood
i'm misunderstood
i'm an exception to the rule
and you think i'm a fool
but i'm just smarter than you.
when you know too much
all you can do is roll a dutch
and keep in touch with your brain
when you're going insane
it's plain
in sight to see
my mind used to be free
and now it's locked up
and i can't find the key.
Help me out
remind me what i'm all about
cuz i've got doubts
that i cannot save the world
but will i save myself?
my wealth is gone,
my soul is strong
and every day i move on.
Tags: poetry

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