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“I said once before, but now I gotta to say it twice. I used to be nice but I got walked over like ice over a lake & I made the mistake to let it happen again cos I try to believe in the good of man but humankind wants to be winners & they are mostly sinners, the nice guy always loses. We get used and live with bruises so I'm no longer nice, my heart has turned to ice & I'll give you lice if you come near me, are you there, can you hear me? cos next time I have to repeat it I'm gonna beat it into your brain & I'll drive you insane till you can't walk, talk or think. Just sitting there lame, wishing you never came near me, do you hear me? do you hear me?”

Transcribed by: djcliche
Tags: anger, dj cliche, mp3, rap, voice post

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