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Today at my day program, for the 12:30 group, one of the clients who is a musician, brought in his instruments to share. He brought a wooden electric bass, an electric guitar, an accoustic guitar, a 12 string guitar, a 5 string banjo and a triangle. I got to play them all. The 12 string guitar was very cool. One of the interns who works at the program is blind and i don't think she'd ever picked up a guitar before, and it was cool to watch her explore the instrument without being able to see it. I brought in my most recent poem and read it, while the guy whose instruments they were, played his accoustic guitar. I got positive feedback on my poem too, which was nice. It was a fun day.
Last night was fun too. My friend Rich and i went for a drive through Boston. I showed him where i went to high school, even though the school was torn down and there is a new building there.
Actually, this caused a communication problem between Rich and i cuz i said "cool, theres a new buiding here" and he kept saying "who's Cool Joe Billswhere?" and i was very confused, as you are now as you read this.
But anyway. i missed the presidential speech. But i was out having fun for once, so it was worth it.. plus i'm gonna try to find it on youtube later.. it might be there.
Oh yeah, when we were in Allston/Brighton, Rich took me by th place whre his brother skateboards. It was cool to see the yard with graffiti on the fence and a backyard ramp. It was late, but apparently his brother had just left the house we were at, and we just missed a chance to see some pro skaters skate a backyard ramp. I'm gonna have Rich bring me there again sometime in the day and i will bring my camera. Rich's brother is a pro skater. He used to skate with my old therapist who alo used to be a pro skater. Small world.
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