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Be... a Note to Myself

Be real
Be made of steel
Be willing to heal.
All well rounded like a wheel
so you roll like one
roll with the wind
Begin to solve your sins.
Look at your ins
and forget your outs
even after years
where that's been what you're about.
Don't be afraid to follow your words
Your worlds are unfurled
You see it all in waves
and remember all the graves.
You made your life a stage
and in rage you did what you regret
You don't forget.
We know the worst things we've done
the hatred, the knives and guns
It'a all undone in our heads
while we wishin we were dead
but you're stronger now
You figured out how
to hold your soul
and hold your own
even on days when you're afraid of the phone
cuz we callin
you're fallin
and yet we're all the same
playing the blame games
wearing frames around our reality.
Smile and Be.
Tags: poetry

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