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Top 10 Favorite Albums

okay... so make that a top 22

1. Pink Floyd- The Wall
2. Red Hot Chilli Peppers- Blood Sugar Sex Magic
3. Kanye West- Graduation
4. Ani Difranco- Like I Said
5. Bob Dylan- No Direction Home soundtrack
6. Matisyahu- Live at Stubbs
7. Alice In Chains- Unplugged
8. Eminem- The Eminem Show
9. Tracy Chapman- New Beginnings
10. Faith No More- The Real Thing
11. Dead Prez- Lets Go Free
12. Pearl Jam- Ten
13. Nirvana- Unplugged
14. DJ Shadow- Endtroducing
15. Moby- Play
16. Tom Waits- Small Change
17. Pigeon John- Sings the Blues
18. Patti Smith- Land
19. Metallica- Master of Puppets
20. Nine Inch Nails- Pretty Hate Machine
21. Common- Finding Forever
22. Liz Phair- Exhile in Guyville

Top 10 Greatest Hits Albums
1. Neil Young 1. David Bowie
2. Outkast
3. Tupac
4. Biggy
5. James Taylor
6. Beastie Boys
7. Elvis Costello
8. Smashing Pumpkins
9. Cat Stevens
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