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I was at the doctor yesterday. It looks like i put on a few pounds this winter. How does it happen so fast? I was doing so well. The fact that there is a McDonals across the street from my program has been a definate challenge. There is also a Panara there/ I should at least eat at Panara more often than McDonalds and really i should bring a lunch but hmmm.....

And right now i'm really craving something sweet. Oh well. I'll ignore it. I can't be a slave to my tastebuds or else i'll keep getting fatter. bleh.... i wonder if i'll ever be skinny again. i haven't been skinny in 15 years. i wonder if it's even possible. I DID lose lke 70 pounds in the past few years, but not nearly enough. My weight makes me angry at myself as well as a little bit at the medications i was on when i gained all the weight.... but all i can really do is try to do better now.
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