djcliche (djcliche) wrote,

getting by

yesterday, a friend at my program gave me a tupac jacket he bought off a client from the program upstairs from ours. it's a really cool jacket and i wore it out for a walk last night. it was cold out, but it was refreshing, and even though the lake was frozen, it was still beutiful, and there were wind chimes making music behind me and the sound of snow and ice beneath my feet.
today i had a lot of anxiety, but managed to make everyone at the program laugh with a funny thing i said. i was happy to make people laugh i like to make people smile.
i also managed to get to the grocery store to buy a few tthings i needed, but was pretty anxious and spaced out because of it and only managed to buy a few things. i wish i had gotten some ice cream cuz i'm craving that now, but i did get some yoplet yogurts that will have to satisfy that craving... i also got nutella and bagels... i will make one of those later. i just ate a tomato mozerella salad.
i have been doing jumping jacks and lifting weights... trying to stay in good enough shape to fight if i have to, although i hope i don't have to. but if i do have to protect myself, i want to be ready. i wish i didn't have to even think about that stuff, but so be it.

anyway, i am getting by. peace

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