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update and review

thanksgiving was good. that was the last time i posted in here. my internet has been down for weeks. i finally called the cable company to come by, and today i found the net working again, so i'm thinkin i now might need to call and cancel. bleh. whatever.

i have been walking and dancing and playing instruments. today i went in to my program late because i had trouble sleeping last night. i made it in time for wrap up group and the game of apples to apples, which we play every friday afternoon.

i bought the new kanye west cd. (808s and Heartbreak). it's pretty different than all the other ones, but it's great and was totally worth spoiling myself to an early christmas present to myself. i'm listening to it right now. it's very dancable and young jeezy and lil wayne both appear on the album as well as a couple names i'm less familiar with. Welcome to Heartbreak with Kid Cudi is my favorite track on the album with a chorus of "i keep having these visions, my head keeps spinning, i gotta get with it..." because it reminds me of my PTSD. But all the songs are great and uniquely perfect. i say buy it or something.
Tags: hip hop, kanye west, lil wayne, music, rap

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