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i don't feel like i am the same person i was before my nervous breakdown. i'm trying to figure out who i am now. i know i love people, but i still have a hard time being around most of them without growing anxious. I remember that i have always loved people, and i miss the days where i could love them and not be so afraid and uncertain.

i've been dancing a lot lately... just here in my apartment, i throw on some hip hop and throw my hands in the air for a little while. it's good for the soul. i've been thinking of all the nice people i've met this year. and all the people who've stood by me. i am lucky to know so many wonderful people.

when i dance, i think about the mentally challenged young man i met in one of the hospitals who got me to dance and laugh with him when that was the last thing i felt like doing, but needed to do. there was a beautiful young woman who danced with us. she was a strong strong person.

i feel weird talking about people i've met in hospitals, but they were a real part of my life... real people who's lives met mine in the same facility, and so many of them touch my life, it's hard not to mention them now and then.

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