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people at a salon in pennsylvania are having presidential cannidates portraits painted on their fingernails. the most popular choice at the salon is sarah palin.

people are having sarah palin painted on their fingernails.

also... did anyone see the footage of mccain at the rally where they were all yelling "terrorist!" and other name calling against Obama, and some lady was like "He's an Arab!" and McCain said "No he's not. He's a decent family man" which is of course kind of offensive toward Arabs... but what really disturbed me about the whole thing was that it was like he has created this army of hate towards Obama that somewhat resembles the Nazis and how that party was started. It was scary to see, but interesting to see how scared McCain looked of what he and his campain people had created.

yeah... and Sarah Palin fingernails... we live in a weird world.



Oct. 22nd, 2008 02:28 am (UTC)
yah, it is indeed scary how people can be easily manipulated with tough economic times and feeling of cultural or even community disconnect. americans lead separate lives or insulated realities with their families. so to create a boogey or strawman out of obama and use racist hatred of arab people, the conditions were ripe for people falling into line. this concerns me for arab people and also those seen as 'socialist' as palin likes to use the word. if mccain gets elected by the electoral college or computer malfunction or people being knocked off the rolls even before t hey vote, then all their supporters wouldsee n problem in treating democrats or dissidents like domestic terrorist. plus bush signed all the papers to put the mandates in place for easier arrest laws.

sorry to go off... not sure at this point if even obama can commit to something besides vague words. i might vote independent just because i feel like obama nd mccain are part of the political machine. like mccain is the bad 'tough' cop and obama's the 'good' cop for this fascism of corporations basically doing whatever they want with no accountabilty, for example privatizing health care (w/ hmos)schools (with charter schools) even selling rights to airwaves to corporations who can spew propaganda to feed the scared sheep to stay in line, while getting a carte blanche to pollute our earth if they pay a negligible fee. oh they also both voted for raiding our treasury by the banks. again,they both voted for that, despite people being against it. so who knows really.

but yeah, ppl's despieration is at this point. i wish they got wise to how they are being manipulated.

sorry for spelling errors but hope you get what i'm saying.
Oct. 23rd, 2008 07:39 pm (UTC)
i get what your saying. it is a crazy campaign. i have issues with both canidates, but i do hope obama wins.
but yeah, all the stuff that goes with the election campains is just crazy sometimes. i feel manipulated by both sides.


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