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last night i wnt to centarl square with my sister to the cantab lounge where there was a poetry reading/slam going on. i read one of my poems. it was fun. i think i will go again.
a guy wearing a dog ear hat read a poem about being a mix tape master. i really liked it. it was really good and funny and as i am also a mix tape master, i especially liked it.
today i went for a walk to krazy karry's for lunch. i got a burger and a shake. then i went to a.c. moore to buy a few canvase and some sculpy clay. i haven't done sculpy in a while, so it should be fun. i think i will have to wait until next month to buy the spray paint i need for my other project. i found a dining room table cover that folds up, and was hoping to paint on it with spray paint. i think i wanna do a grafiti type picture, but i dunno what of yet.
i am trying to ge a account. i was halfway there and my computer shut down on me, so i will try again.
tonight i watched my name is earl and am going to watch the thursday night SNL. i ate popcorn for dinner. i probably should have eaten something real, but i wasn't very hungry at dinner time. now i am hungry but it's late to eat. i'm going to bed soon.

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