djcliche (djcliche) wrote,

my computer is working again. i dont know if it will stay working, but it is up again.
i'm sorry i've been behind in my reading and commenting. i've been thinking of you all.

life is going all right. it is still a struggle, but i am a lot more appriciative of the "little things".

tonight i am going to my parent's house for dinner. my sister is making a stir fry and then apple pie. she makes really good apple pie.

i went to maine the other day for a couple hours with rich. we walked on the rocks by the lighthouse and then went for a walk on long sands beach, up and down the whole beach. it was nice. we stopped to get a burger and pudding too.

i am still doing the day program. i start DBT next week. that should be good. it's hard work, but it should be helpful. It is a type of therapy with homework, where you moniter your emotions and urges and things like that. It is supposed to help you notice the things that effect your mood so you can spot it before everything goes downhill.

Yesterday i went to a family party for about an hour. i couldn't stay long, but it was good to see them.

I have been watching a lot of Buffy. I've been walking a lot and playing around with the guitar. I need more money so that i can buy some more art supplies. I haven't been able to do too much art without the supplies.

I will try to take some pictures of the fall foliage this week and put them up for you all. It is beautiful here right now. I've enjoyd walking around in it.

My stomach is growling, but dinner is not for about an hour or more. oh well. I was going to get french bread pizza for dinner, but a home cooked meal sounded better. Plus i haven't seen my sister much since she moved back to the area. We are supposed to go to a poetry slam soon. I think i am going to try reading one of my old pieces. I have never read my favorite spoken word piece in front of an audience. i have read it to a bunch of people, but never at an open mic, so i want to try it out.

thats it. hope everyone is well. peace- jymi cliche

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