djcliche (djcliche) wrote,

more poetry

turn around
there you are
on every corner
you're the star
beneath the light
above the day
gayer than a hand grenade
and life is made
of time's lost touches
and we think
below the stars
and darkness.
It takes our souls
we spin through life
undone with wife
the key
the knife
the subtle glance
the tough guy stance
the lock
the gun
the over run...
under the sun
the moon sky breathes
a deep and heavy
sigh of relief.

try to activate me
you're dealing with three.
they'll soon agree
we live violently.
get down on one knee
and see
i saw
i ran
but then faught
i thought
it had stopped
but it only got started.
i live to heal
the broken hearted.
my heart gets bigger
with every love
i thank up above
and the trees i hug
hug me back
because i am the lovable thug
on drugs.
Tags: jymi cliche, poetry

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