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i'm listening to an old skool hip hop channel and some of these songs are worse than the hip hop on the radio... or it's at least equally bad. some are very cool though. otherwise i wouldn't be listening.
i love hip hop, but i'm so not cool. i'm a total nerd. of course there are some great nerdy hip hop artists.
art and poetry is what i love about rap and hip hop, so repetative club music isn't really my thing unless it's got real craft to it.
i'm thinking of picking up a lil wayne album. i keep hearing good things about him and think i wanna hear him. Does anyone like him and have a recomendation of what album to get first?

Also, does anyone have any music they want to recommend to me right now? i am looking for new artists to get into. Recomend to me. Youtube videos are welcome too.
Tags: art, hip hop, music, poetry, radio, rap, youtube

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