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Writer's Block: Where Names Come From

Is there a story behind your real name or avatar? How did you end up being called that?

My name, Jymi, was given to me by my friends in high school. There was a group of us called "The Brain". (we were all artists and said we shared a brain). We all had a number and a color. I was a green 6. The odd numbered people gave the even numbered people "brain names". My boyfriend at the time (we were a platonic couple), named me Jimi after Jimi Hendrix cuz he was really into Jimi Hendrix and the line from the song "fire" saying "Move over Rover, let Jimi take over" reminded him of me, so i was nicknamed Jimi.
When i first went into a psych hospital when i was 15, i did a lot of writing and art in there and decided to use Jimi as a pen name, but changed the spelling to Jymi to make it more unique. Then when i was older and started my gender transition, i decided to use Jymi as my name to be called. Most people call me Jymi now. I really like the name and am proud of it. That year or so that i was in "The Brain" was a challenging year for so many reasons... between addictions, hospitalizations, love, heartbreak, etc, but it was also a year that i really shined and the name has remained with me ever since then, and i don't really see "The Brain" anymore, cuz life happened and it's 15 years later, but i still talk to most of them on line from time to time. They were all really great friends.
Actually, the video i just posted on here of Western Spaghetti was on my old friend's myspace blog. Her brain name was Cheshire because of her big beautiful smile like the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland. I haven't seen her in years but she dropped a compliment in my facebook recently which i recieved today and it made me smile.
Anyway, i know i've told the story of my name before, so hopefully i didn't bore anyone.

And as far as my livejournal name being DJCliche... well, i liked this song by the X-Ray Spex (a girl punk band from the 70's) called I Am A Cliche, and i had an old livejournal under the name iamacliche. Then i added Cliche as a last name for a pen name for myself when i had my first art show. So i became Jymi Cliche... and then when i made this blog on LJ i wanted it to be like a pirate radio DJ show in blog form (cuz i've always wanted to do pirate radio) and so i chose the name DJ Cliche. And that is that.
Tags: 1990's, 6, cheshire, friends, hospitals, jimi hendrix, jymi cliche, memories, pirate radio, the brain, writer's block

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