djcliche (djcliche) wrote,

we lost the game yesterday. it was fun to go into boston to see the game though.
today i painted my apartment and went grocery shopping.
i havent been grocery shopping in a couple of months. i forgot the pin number to my food stamps card so i couldn't use it. i'm a bit annoyed at myself for not being able to remember it. i will have to go to the food stamps office and see if i can get a new card.

i bought some turkey, hummus, red onion and rolls and made a sandwich.
i think Moo is glad to be back home. She is napping beside me.

it's weird getting used to being back at the apartment again. i am trying to get out and see people and trying to function in society again. It is not easy after all i've been through lately, but i'm trying.

I haven't smoked at all today. i want to quit, but i'm not confident that i'll be able to. Still, a whole day without a cigarette is pretty good. Especially since i was almost at a pack a day lately.

Thats it for now. Peace.

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