djcliche (djcliche) wrote,

Red Sox vs Yankees

i'm going to see the red sox play the yankees today with my sister and cousin. i have not been to a red sox game since i was a teenager i think, so it should be cool. we are sitting in the bleachers. i'm gonna be wearing a red sox shirt like everyone else cuz there are certain cliche's i must give in to.
anyway, i don't think you'll easily spot me if you are watching the game, but i'll be there. yay.
i saw a shirt in Maine that said Jesus Hates the Yankees.
kinda mean.
i actually respect the Yankees. They have an interesting history. But the Red Sox are my favorite team for lots of reasons, so i will definately be cheering them on. Plus you just don't cheer for the Yankees at Fenway Park.
I wonder how much a hot dog costs. I wonder why i eat hot dogs. But why wonder?

Peace. Go Sox.
Tags: boston, red sox

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