djcliche (djcliche) wrote,


i actually am interested in pretty much all of these

Based on the lj interests lists of those who share my more unusual interests, the interests suggestion meme thinks I might be interested in
1. pigeon john score: 8
2. slick rick score: 8
3. mr. lif score: 7
4. team dresch score: 5
5. jimmy cliff score: 5
6. leslie feinberg score: 5
7. did score: 5
8. murs score: 5
9. 40 year old virgin score: 5
10. slug score: 5
11. cage score: 5
12. utah phillips score: 5
13. cadence score: 5
14. jim jarmush score: 5
15. c-ptsd score: 5
16. michelle tea score: 5
17. kreators score: 4
18. big beat score: 4
19. littles score: 4
20. gangster movies score: 4

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