djcliche (djcliche) wrote,

the weather here is crazy.
there have been tornados and tornado warnings all over the country. 100 homes were hit in south west maine. there was a tornado near my sister in texas too. i guess the storms are everywhere.
we went to Flo's hot dog shack for lunch. it was good. Then we went to Ogonquit cuz it was sunny and we were going to go out on a boat ride but there were no boats going out cuz more storms were coming in. So we went in a few stores and then it started thundering and lightning so we left.
Now we are back at the cottage. My dad is going to attempt to cook on the grill later. My aunt and uncle and their 2 grandkids are coming. i will do some art with the kids and maybe watch Spirited Away, cuz i have it here and it is PG.

my cat is here. she is climbing in the windows and meowing at the rain.

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