djcliche (djcliche) wrote,

i have issues

sometimes i say things i don't mean.
sometimes it sounds like demons are talking
but i'm trying to talk angels

i'm trying to get better
my friends are being very helpful.
By my friends, i mean practically everyone i know.
i have been very lucky.
my family is included with friends because they are my friends.
but everyone has been so great, you lj friends are included too, i hoe you know that.

i am just so grateful for having the chance to get my life straightened out.
i still haven't been perfect, but i'm doing pretty well. i am going to move back into my apartment after the vacation in maine. i might come back to the apartment for a couple days when i get my T shot.

my parents have been extremely kind to take care of me the way they have been, and i have been lucky, because i was sick and needed the rest and comfort. I'm well rested now. i seem to have shook my caugh.
i'm looking forward to riding waves soon.
life is looking up
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