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Writer's Block: Where your memories began.

What is your earliest memory of your life?

sometimes i think i remember stuff from before i was born.
but i dont know. i'm working on not thoinking about that too much cuz my mind can take that to unsafe feeling places.

i wanted to answer the question about being a hero.
a hero takes care of themselves and when you really take care of yourself well, you can take care of others, but until you take care of yourself, you really can't.

i've been trying to fix the world, but i forgot to notice that i was falling apart myself, and when a person is falling apart, it is not a good time to fix the world.

i still want to fix all the hate, but i'm working on forgiving myself for all the hate i was full of. Until i do that, i really need to stay away from trying to fix others. Taking care of me will make me a hero. But right now i am lucky that there are so many heroes around me. Friends, family, aquiantences, neighbors, etc. Old friends and new friends.

I just want to see everyone happy again.
Tags: heroes, memory, writer's block

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