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Comment on this post and I will choose seven interests from your profile. You will then explain what they mean and why you are interested in them. Post this along with your answers in your own journal so that others can play along.
these are what were chosen for me

COSMIC WIMPOUT- a game of chances. kind of like craps, but for hippies, nerds and weirdos. All you have to know how to do is count by 5's and the rest is a dice gamble. The scoreboard (which isn't necessary to play)is made out of a hankercheif for bringing the game on the go to concerts and on trains and picnics. It was invented in Greenfield Massachusetts by Deadheads (Grateful Dead fans)

GENDERFUCT- is a term some people (like myself) who feel as though they are neither male or female, or both, use to describe ourselves.

HARVARD SQUARE- this is the part of the city of Cambridge, Massachusetts, right next to Harvard University where the misfits of society can be found hanging around in "the pit" and although the "pit-rats" do not look very much like Harvard students, most of them are just as smart, some of them even smarter. This includes the punks, the yo's, the hippies, the homeless and all the other stray wanderers. There are also a lot of cool independant stores in the area, making it a fun hangout for all who are visiting the city. There's a great comedy club there, the house of blues (was) there, club passim, and some really great eateries and tea.

JEDI MIND TRICKS- these are indy rappers

PERCEPTIONISTS- these are indy rappers from Boston

SPED SCHOOLS- SPED stands for Special Education. If it weren't for my sped school, i would still believe that i was stupid.

TARNATION- this is a favorite film of mine. it is an independant film and one of the most beautiful pieces of artwork ever.


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