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Gay Lesbian, Bi and Trans Hip Hop


The Life- Katastrophe (ftm rapper from California)

1/4 Life Crisis- Q-Boy (gay rapper from England)

Good Soldier 2- Deadlee

Try It- JenRo

Love You Better- God-des and She (lesbian rappers)

For Colored Boys- Deep Dickcollective (a gay hip hop group from California. one is ftm)

Dirty is the New Black by Johnny Dangerous

Dey Know - Shawty Lo (i just assume this song is about him being gay, but he is mainstream and therefore can't be "out")

Tags: bi, deadlee, deep dickcollective, gay, glbt, god-des and she, hip hop, jenro, johnny dangerous, katastrophe, lesbian, music, q-boy, queer, rap, rap game, trans, transgender

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