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Other Songs That Start With "W"

War Child- Cranberries

We Want the Airwaves- Ramones

under the cut i have Everlast, Phish, Eminem, Pink Floyd, Pearl Jam, Ani Difranco, The Cure, Outkast, Elvis Costello, and the Gorillaz

What It's Like- Everlast

Weigh- Phish

White America- Eminem

When the Tigers Broke Free- Pink Floyd

Why Go- Pearl Jam

Willing to Fight- Ani Difranco

Why Can't I Be You?- The Cure

The Whole World- Outkast

What's so funny bout Peace Love and Understanding? - Elvis Costello

Windmill- Gorillaz

Tags: 1990's, alternative hip hop, alternative rock, ani difranco, animation, anime, classic rock, cranberries, elvis costello, eminem, everlast, folk, funk, gorillaz, hip hop, indy, jam bands, outkast, peace, phish, pink floyd, punk, ramones, rap, rock, the cure, war, youtube

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