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Tom's Diner- DNA featuring Suzanne Vega

there are like 5 billion versions of this song on youtube.

i always liked this song.
when i used to do improv, sometimes we would get a topic, and all 5 groups would hve to d a skit on th same topic but find an interesting way of acting it out, and one of the groups we were up against did their whole skit to the tune of tom's diner. it came out really awesome. i don't even remember what my group's skit was, cuz i loved their so much. that was in like, 1993 or something. i'm old.

i have heard that the song Napolian by Ani Difranco is about Suzanne Vega, but i also heard that was a rumor. Does anyone know if that is true?
Tags: ani difranco, drama, improv, napolian, suzanne vega, tom's diner, youtube

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