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POEMS might be nonsense

"poems everybody- the lad recons himself a poet!! New car, caviar, 4 star day dream, think i'll buy me a football team" - the wall

I wrote these at McLean on North Belknap

Why can't you be me?
It means being free
in ways you'll never be.
It means being able to see

Everything to the left
all else to the right.
Now it's time for flight or fight?


Responsibility for self
and for no one else
Black Belts in karate
Self Defense
Self Defense

Remember to be strong.
They can't turn you wrong.
This doesn't turn me on-
but i do it cuz we all need 
to resist
RESIST temptation when we can.

And you ask who cares
As you throw it all up in the air.

i want my family back
i want to stop the war in Iraq
i don't wanna die scared, of a heart attack
at age 29
this is so not devine!!
please God, help me.


This is how we ride our bikes
dykes on bikes
toys for tykes.
This is how we sweep our floor.
Love don't live here anymore
and you're a whore
and you're a hornet.
And so have i been.

My liver and an apple pie.
Why do we lie?
One cut short of both my eyes.
I see from one
I see your gun
Well hurry up and shoot me!
---cuz i'm supposed to live to 101.

Dreams of daisies
dreams of Lakes
Dreams of more mistakes 
and wakes

Cry me a river.
cuz a river flows.
Don't cry me a pond
or you'll be swimming with minows
out on the lawn.

Let your tears flow downstream
and not have to fight like salmon
damn, and here i am again. 
The nurse asks "does your head hurt? Are you sore?"
yes i am sore
from the night staff's crusifixion.
Crucify Yourself
Crucify Yourself
I need to stay strong.
it's NOT the hits from the bong
it's the fact that you're wrong
always trying to be right with your lies.
Eventually the truth will win
Even if i have to DIE for your sins.

i'm willing to die,
but only if it stops the war.
i don't want to die
without having tried
and succeeded to fix
what led to the hands 
that held 
my crusifix.

Jelousy is the craziest 
of the 7 deadly sins
I don't relate to it,
yet it's what everyone has always hated me out of.
And to me, this is the craziest part
because if i were a jelous person
i would not have ever thought to be jelous of me.
How can this be?

Do you want my talents?
Do you practice your own?
Do you want to call a section 8 
apartment your home?
And the psych ward home number two?
What the fuck is wrong with you?

I am not the enemy
I am maybe your fears.
If you see me die, will you feel better?
Will you be free of the fear?
I think you wil have hell to fear.
Or at least something near there.

poetry in simple rhyme
time after time after time
when i fear the worst
leaving here in a herse
not a cab or my dad's car
no more cigars
no more bars
i can deal with that.
no fresh air is hard to adapt.


i smell fear
i smell suspition
i smell my death
in each direction

who will beat me down?
who will beat me now?

wishing for freedom
only makes each day longer
wishing for good food
only makes hunger stronger

and here i am starving
and here i face death
here is where gangs come
to beat those who need rest.

Insanity? Exactly.

insane on the other side
i've got nothing left to hide
i've admitted my sins
let me for once win.

will i escape? will i survive?
PEACE is what i ask of you.

i had another book of poetry from McLean
but i purposely filled it with lies to throw them off

Tags: crazy, fear, mclean, metaphore, north belknap, peace, poetry, psych wards, war
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