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There was a fight at the Red Sox game tonight. They are playing Tampa Bay. Boston and Florida seem to have beef lately.

The fight was between Coco Crisp and James Sheild. James purposely hit Coco with the ball and Coco went running to the mound to hit him. A fight broke out.

This to me is okay though. Althletes fighting on the field is normal. We all need to fight sometimes. It's just a matter of who, what, where, when, how and why.

But if someone hits you, it is normal and sometimes (although not really in this case) necessary to fight back. We all have aggression, and fighting with fists is part of life. Guns on the other hand... that isn't natural. As long as some people have them though, i think everyone needs to have a right to them... but i hate guns. They are for people who are afraid to use their fists.

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