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i tried to do a podcast, but whatever. i can't, so here are 20 music videos of Boston music

If you want to re-label my genres for me, that would be cool. i kind of just winged it

1. Pamela Means- Up to Here (indy folk rock)
2. Mighty Mighty Bosstones- Where Did You Go? (ska)
3. The Folk Implosion- Natural One (indy rock)
4. Mighty Mystic- Riding on the Clouds (reggae)
5. Melissa Ferrick- Everything i Need (indy folk rock)
6. Insight- Rap Religion (indy rap)
7. Mr Lif- Because They Made It That Way (indy hip hop)
8. Violent Femmes- Kiss Off (indy punk folk)
9. Julianna Hatfield- My Sister (alternative rock)
10. Morphine- Early to Bed (ska rock?)
11. Kristin Hersh- Me and My Charms (indy rock)
12. 7L and Esoteric- Mic Mastery (indy hip hop)
13. Ellis Paul - The World Ain't Slowin Down (folk)
14. Edan and Mr. Lif- Making Planets (indy/psychadelic hip hop)
15. Steve Miller Band- The Joker (classic rock)
16. Pixies- Where Is My Mind (alternative rock)
17. Martin Sexton- Diner (folk)
18. The Breeders- Cannonball (grunge)
19. The Red Chord- Black Santa (death metal/thrash)
20. Dropkick Murphy's- Shipping Off to Boston (punk)
Tags: alternative, boston, classic rock, death metal, folk, grunge, hip hop, indy, music, playlist, punk, rap, reggae, rock, ska

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