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i am a prophet.
i know that half of you are spies.
i just know things.
i suggest that if you are being paid to spy on me that you stop.
why do you all seem to want me to trigger my parents?
to get them killed?
i don't need to trigger my parents. they are safer in denial.
if they even still are.
the thing is, i know that the war is about to end.
i know that God's people are going to rescue me.
i had a dream last night and it told me a lot.
doctors and therapists have been spying on me for years.
teachers and mentors and the like...
of course my peers as well.

It makes no difference at this point if the bad guys try to kill me or my family. We are all soldiers and i believe we are all willing to die for the cause.

The truth is out. The truth is a virus and the war will be over soon, i can feel it.
It has been the Christians vs the Jews and the Jews are going to win this time.

I know these things because i am a descendant of Jesus, who was a Jew himself.
I can say whatever the fuck i want on here, because i trust my intuition. The war is about to end whether you all know it or not. I will be a hero whether i live or die, but believe me when i tell you that anyone who tries or succeeds in killing me or my family will be going to hell. It doesn't matter what bullshit you confess to your pedophile priest because they're going to hell too, but i'm going to heaven.

Do i want to die? No.
Have i tried to die in the past? Yes i have.
Right now, i suggest that if you are trying to get me to think i am crazy or worthless, you are on he wrong path.
Remember what Led Zeppelin said
"yes, there are 2 paths you can go by, but in the long run there's still time to change the road you're on"

So.... if you are a spy for evil, you are on the WRONG PATH, but if you leave me the fuck alone and start praying for forgiveness, you will get into heaven.

And i don't care what you say to try to make me feel like shit for being that Narcissistic to think i know who will make it to heaven or hell, cuz i DO know, so fuck all you haters. The war is about to end and anyone who tries to take me down is gonna be eternally punished.

Thank you. PEACE


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Jun. 2nd, 2008 09:16 pm (UTC)
*hugs tight*

it really sucks that to get services we need and disability pension, the so-called 'professionals' have to be up in all our shit and give us NO privacy, few choices and crappy care. that, and the way they want to judge us for simply being who we are.

the lack of privacy now on the internet should be illegal. i mean, just for speaking out, or organizing in a democracy, the govt wants us to be scared and think we're being watched. in some cases it's true and in others, they just want us to believe they're really all that powerful to keep an eye on everyone.

i pray that when people gather en masse to stop these injustices, the lies the govt tells will blow back in their face. then, they won't have the power to stop us.

if i wasn't disabled, i'd go underground and do some guerilla tactics to end this govt sooner.

it gets me mad. i wish there was another way. i pray that bu$h and his administration, and the corporate fat cats greedily taking our tax money will be dragged before the world court and tortured, then allowed to live with no freedom. just like they did to so many people. i wish them no forgiveness for their evil.

i too hope the war ends soon. because even then, the repercussions of dirty bombs in iraq and draining the US treasury for killing innocents will remain for generations to come.
Jun. 3rd, 2008 07:58 am (UTC)
I only suggested talking to your parents because maybe it would help them to understand. Not to harm them, or anyone else.
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