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Maine Photos day 2 & 3


I should mention my mom has no editing programs on her computer, so i have edited all my maine phos in paint. 
AND she has no mouse. at least its a touch pad and not one of those funny balls between the keys..
anyway...tangent. 25 pictures under cut
The first day, i watched surfters for a bit.
I went for a walk the second day. i went by a lot of cool houses overlooking the ocean.

not all the house i took pictures of overlooked the ocean...but were cool in their own way. i took a few detours down some side roads and headed back.

There was a yard sale going on. I stopped by and took a peek.
I took a picture of the Cycad Ave sign because my parents have stayed at this same place for a few summers in a row, and for a few years i have been calling this road "psych-head" ave... cuz i like to do weird things like that.
I used to call my sister's friend "My Rear Cramp-a". I wont say what her real name was, but it kind of sounded like that to me. heh.
i took a couple self portraits
i am working on a book for my cousin emily. i am giving my other cousins a lot of my stuff that i dont want to lug with me on my trip. but there wasnt much that i thought really suited emily. i decided that making her a book would be the most personal. To be honest, it is part of my goal to at some point finish some of my screenplays, and i would like to ask emily to act in them. however, if this were to happen, and the film caught success, i would not want emily to leave school to be an actor, and i know that this would be a temptation. So i'm probably gonna wait until she has graduated to have her act for me (which, knowing me, it could be that long til its totally ready anyway) 
I am willing to have my other cousins and family members and friends act for me as well, but i know it's what Emily wants the most.

For my newer readers... my younger cousins are a major inspiration to me. i have watched them grow up and i'm aways just amazed at how they go from crying babies who cant hold up their own head, into PEOPLE. its like, Magic! Some of them are driving now. insane.

back to pictures.. tangents...yes
i went to the beach with my parents. there were a lot of seagulls. i like them, but i'm always afraid they are gonna poop on me and i dont like that. i don't know th guy in the picture, but those gulls were close.


i went shopping and got the dream catcher, the postcards and a couple other things.

It's been mostly cold and rainy since i've been here, so i haven't done a whole lot, but i have enjoyed being on vacation with my parents. When i come back next week i have to remember to bring appleas to apples (a game i love as does my family. actually, you have to be a real downer to not like apples to apples once you've played it)
so now i am gonna take a quick stretch and pack up. i may make one more post while i'm here and flash is working.

Tags: apples to apples, art, birds, books, cousins, creative ideas, emily, maine, ocean, photography, surfing, vacation

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