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Randomx Photography

i think
i own a brain.
if you steal it
i will sue you
even though i already
stole yours
and sold it
to Trey Anastasio
for the next Phish album,
which will consequently suck

me and some crazy ass wild turkeys

moo moo moo
me me
the Jewish cemetery near me
The UU Church in Winchester, Ma, (bumper sticker says I Love My Hockey Player- She's #1)  and a rear-view shot in Arlington MA
i went back to the graffiti cave in Stoneham, but there wasn't much new cool stuff
however, someone named Jill, either alone or with her stupid friends, tagged crap over good graffiti
and then i found i found the turkeys
i did not get out of the car this time. last time i saw a wild turkey, it was just 1 turkey, and i was with 3 friends, and it took on all 4 of us, this time, i was dolo and there were 4 turkeys, so my ass stayed in the car. And let me tell you,  wild turkeys have some balls!!! i was driving my JEEP down the street to take these pictures, and as i slowly drove, they chased my jeep down the road yelling in turkey  "Gobble Goo Gaaaahhhh Goo Gobble Gobble. We're gonna eat YOU Gobble Gobble"
don't fuck with them. they crazy
eye see the moon- and spring.. and weird shit. i hope you enjoyed it

Tags: cemetery, driving, graffiti, hockey, massachusetts, moo, penis, phish, photography, self portraits, spring, sunset, the moon, trees, wild turkeys

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