djcliche (djcliche) wrote,

they teach you that your dreams are unattainable, and you believe them, so you settle for mediocracy- or worse. Sometimes there are no oppertunities for people.

But most people give up oppertunities and challenges for security and safety. 

i've never felt secure i dont think. cuz i've never even felt safe for very long. that is the curse of PTSD, the mind spinning a million miles an hour in each possible direction, trying to figure out if there is safety in anything. will i ever not be afraid? as long as there are things to fear, i will most likely be afraid of something. So Be It.

But i'm looking forward to my adventure.. and learning whatever i learn. hopefully not too much the hard way. i think i've had enough of that, thank you. i am going to the movies tonight with my sister to see Knocked Up. i hear it is very funny. Its by the director of the 40 year old virgin which i thought sounded stupid until i saw it and laughed harder than ever in my life. so hopefully this will be lots of laughter too.

peace. i'm gonna shower and take a walk.
Tags: dreams, fear, ptsd

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