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Ibot, Inventions and Ice Cream

has anyone heard of this before? the Ibot wheelchair? it looks kind of awesome. i wonder if it really works well. i bet they're mad expensive though, but look, a cool invention...

speaking of inventions, what do you think is the best invention of all time?
i was talking about this today. one person said pockets, another said the phone. i hate the phone, but it was invented in Somerville MA. i know this odd bit of trivia because i went to high school with a girl who lived in the house where th phone was invented. Small world, cuz i told my friends the bit of trivia and one of them knew and said his best friend lives in the house it was invented in. Turns out it is my old friend's brother. weird, eh?

yeah. so i'm doing well. it's been a good weekend so far. the weather has been nice. the moon was awesome tonight. i went to Davis Square with my old friend Jen who recently moved to the Ville. She bought me an ice cream. i was gonna pay but she did it before i even got to the register. It was good. i haven't had a sundae in awhile. We got it at JP Licks. It was packed in there.

I like JP Licks, but i think it is overrated. It's god, but it's more hip than it is good. As a food lover, i have investigated many eateries in Massachusetts. The best ice cream i've had is Richardsons in Middleton.

also good is Meltharbs in Wakefield (a little hole in the wall place, but mmm)
but my all time favorite place for the best Sundae in the world is Putnam Pantry in Danvers on route 1.
they only have a web site for the candy store part, but they have amazing candy you can order on line.

there used to be one in Reading too.

I know that Neitherday has a favorite ice cream place up in Lowell. I have not been there yet.

Also, i kind of know the guy who owns Kimball Farm (Mr. Kimball) he's kind of eccentric for a farmer.
it is a little more west, but it's about as good as Richardons.

now how many of you are craving ice cream?


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Apr. 21st, 2008 02:29 am (UTC)
Ibot....seems interesting. I would totally wreck it, or end up driving it off of something.

You suck. I totally want ice cream now. And sadly, there really isnt many places for ice cream that I know of down here.

Theres one that I know of. Marble slab.They have the best icecream ive ever had. Its made right in front of you, and they have any and all sorts of selections and topings. Though, for me, too many toppings ruin the ice cream. ^.^ You can get it in a cone, bowel, and any size...mmm...Im so going there tomorrow...if I can...:)
Apr. 21st, 2008 04:00 am (UTC)
marble slab sounds cool.
what part of texas do you live in? i forget. my sister is moving down to austin i think
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